The Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam was organized with a view that all the young people in the Church should accept Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord, and be a witness to HIS saving power. It was organized in 1933 by a resolution of the Sabha Prathinidhi Mandalam. Branches of the Sakhyam were set up in the Parishes with a four-fold program of worship, study, witness, and service.

The Yuvajana Sakhyam of The Mar Thoma Church of Dallas is an active organization with members in the age group 12 to 45 and has 61 registered members (from 31 active families). We take pride in catering to both English and Malayalam speaking members of the Church and are blessed with a group of vibrant members from a broad age spectrum and diverse backgrounds. This has uniquely enabled our Sakhyham to bring the different Church organizations together to work towards common goals in our Christian ministry.  The Sakyam is actively engaged in outreach ministries including community outreach programs like Feed my Starving Children, Habitat for Humanity, Blood donation, and providing financial support to our brothers and sisters in need. Sakhyam members meet frequently for Bible studies, discussions and fellowship that enable them to grow in their walk with Christ. Sakhyam members have monthly meetings, which includes praise and worship and informative talk/ sessions on subjects relevant to the group. These sessions are led by Sakhyam members or SME’s from other organizations within church are invited.


Office Bearers For 2020

President Rev. Thomas Mathew P
Vice President: Mr. Mon Kurian
General Secretary: Mr. Merin Samuel
Joint Secretary: Mrs. Annie Jacob
Trustee: Mr. Shervin Babu
Executive Committee Representative: Mr. Santhosh Skariah

Area Representatives For 2020

Zion Mr. Sunil Chacko
Moria: Mrs. Asha Thomas
Tabor: Mrs. Bindu Kurian
Carmel: Mrs. Leena Lijo
Ephraim: Mr. Vinu John
Olive: Mr. Shejin Babu
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