Mar Thoma Church of Dallas Carrollton, established in 1976 is one of the parishes under the Diocese of North America and Europe of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church of India. Today we are over 110 faimilies that worship at the Carrollton facility every Sunday

We trace the history of our parish back to a small prayer group of Kerala Christians that began meeting in 1971. By 1976, this fellowship had developed into the Mar Thoma Church of Dallas. From 1976 to 1984 we conducted services at Cochran Chapel United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX. Prior to 1976, we held services at St Luke's Methodist Church. On December 7, 1984, the Grand Prairie facility was purchased. The Most Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan dedicated this facility on July 20, 1985.

In 1988, thirty-five families formed the St. Paul's Mar Thoma Church in Mesquite, TX. Likewise in 1996, the general body requested the Episcopal Synod to divide the church into two parishes and thus paved way for the formation of The Mar Thoma Church of Dallas, Farmer's Branch in Farmer's Branch TX and The Mar Thoma Church of Dallas, Grand Prarie in Grand Prarie TX. In 2004 28 Families requested the Episcopal Synod for a new Church in Garland, TX area. In July 2004 the Sehion Mar Thoma Church was dedicated at a rental facility in Garland, TX.

In January 2005 the General Body unanimously agreed to sell the Grand Prairie Facilty and move the worship place to a convenient location where our community is growing. Accordingly, in February of 2006 we acquired the facility in Carrolton, TX and started worship at this facilty in April 2006. The Episcopal Synod changed the name of the church to Mar Thoma Church of Dallas, Carrollton.

Diocesan bishop Rt Rev Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius
Rev. T. I. Joseph (1973-1975)
Rev. Dr. T. J. Thomas (1976-1980)
Rev. Joseph Thomas (1980-1983)
Rev. Dr. Philip Varghese (1983-1984)
Rev. Dr. K. M. Samuel (1984-1987)
Rev. Dr. C. K. Mathew (1987-1990)
Rev. P. J. Alex (1990-1993)
Rev. Nainan Jacob (1993-1996)
Rev. Oommen Philip (1996)
Rev. Kuruvilla Philip (1996)
Rev. V. S Varghese (1996)
Rev. Jiji Mathews (1997-2001)
Rev. M. O. Oomen Youth Chaplin (1999-2002)
Rev. C. A. Abraham (2001-2004)
Rev. Saji Joseph Youth Chaplin (2002-2005)
Rev. Jacob Thomas (2004-2007)
Rev. Ninu Chandi Youth Chaplin (2005-2009)
Rev. Johnson George (2007-2010)
Rev. Jason Thomas Youth Chaplin (2009-2012)
Rev. K. P. Thomas (2010-2013)
Rev. George Jacob Youth Chaplin (2012- 2015)
Rev. Sam Mathew (2013-2016)
Rev. Viju Varghese (2016-2019)
Rev. Thomas Mathew P (2019-present Vicar)

The Mar Thoma Church of Dallas, Carrollton is a part of The Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, which has its origin in a community of faith, originated with St. Thomas, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ, in Kerala, the southern state of India. History and tradition together provide much materiel to believe in the St. Thomas Tradition of the Indian Church and its origin in AD 52. The Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church 'Malankara' - the place in Kerala where St. Thomas first landed, depicts the historical connection from the 5th Century onwards with the church of Antioch) recently celebrated her 150 years of renewed identity as an autonomous, church. Acknowledging reformation as an ongoing process in the life of the church, she has blended Eastern orthodoxy with the modern understanding of the faith.

2320 S Merrick Ave
Merrick, NY 11566

The Mar Thoma Church has become a global church today. It was once confined only to central Travancore in Kerala, India. As a result of the missionary spirit and devoted work of our forefathers, the church grew and the parishes and mission work became centered around various parts of the World. As our people went and settled in different parts of the World, our church also began to widen its branches and thus today we got parishes in Europe, America, Australia, and in many other parts of the World. Our church belongs to the Diocese of North America and Europe. In North America organized Mar Thoma worship services started in the year 1972. We have now 42 parishes and 24 congregations with the total of around of 5000 families all over North America.