We are happy to announce that we are going to be developing a Church Pictorial Directory in the next few months time frame and plan to make it available to all our church family on our parish day. 
The purpose of our Parish directory is 2-fold: 
1) To provide a reference for the Church Family as address, telephone and e-mail information are shared.
2) To provide a way for all members, especially for newly joined Church families to begin to connect “faces with names” as they join with us in worship on a weekly basis.  This is often one of the most challenging aspects of joining in worship at a church as the people struggle to learn so many new names.
1) Click on your prayer group in the grid below.
2) Click “Select Files” and upload your high-resolution family photo.
3) Include the head of family’s first and last name, and click “Upload”

If you need help with uploading your photo or taking your family picture please send an email to secretary@mtcd.org.