Application Access

Instructions on accessing your church apps including Outlook on MyApplications site.

If your account has additional security, you should have your Microsoft Authenticator app ready.

Note: After you have logged in but do not see what you are expecting to see, check your browser profile, it should be our church account. Depending on your browser it could be anywhere, for Microsoft Edge desktop version, it is on the top right, it is a circle usually with an initial of your name or account.


Special Instructions.

Purpose: Instructions to follow if you get a request from the System administrator that you have been assigned an account

Pre-requisites: You should have been provided a username and temporary password.

  1. Open your browser to this link
  2. On this first screen, type in the username we provided you and click Next.
  3. Next page, the password we provided you then click SignIn.
  4. Click either No or Yes, if you are not sure, click No, it will ask you for the username and password every time you access this account.
  5. You are now logged into your account.
  6. If you click on the 'waffle button' on the top right.
  7. You should have Outlook, if not click All Apps or go to MyApplications page.
  8.  If this is your first log in and your were not asked to change your password then follow instructions on changing passwords. Otherwise you can proceed to your account.

Purpose:  Any time a password change is requested or needed.

Pre-requisites: You should have been provided a username and old password. 

  1.  Open your browser to the MyApplication page.
  2. On the top right, click the round button, then click view account.
  3. On the right side menu, you should be on the Overview tab, else click on it.
  4. Scroll down and Password  box should  be  visible.  Click Change  Password.
  5. Key in your old password, then the new password twice. Then  Submit.

Purpose:  If your account has additional security and you are using our recommendation, Microsoft Authenticator.

Pre-requisites: You should have been provided a username, password and the Authenticator app all set up on your smart device. You will be switching between the browser and the app in this process.

If you have set up a non-Microsoft Authenticator for your account, after your username, key in the token that appears in the authenticator app.
  1. Log in as normal, use your username and password.
  2. Confirm your username shows and take note on the random five characters and cross check this on your phone
  3.  On your smart device that you have the authenticator app installed, cross check this five-digit number match.
  4. If it matches, (sorry bad example, had to do this multiple times) then click Approve
  5. If no errors go back to your browser, you are now logged in. You can confirm as your user name initials will be visible on the top right of the browser.