About the Organization

“A woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” – Proverbs 31:30b

The Suvisesha Sevika Sangham is the women’s organization of the Mar Thoma Church. The Sevika Sangham was inaugurated during the Maramon Convention in the year 1919, under the leadership of Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragan Metropolitan., who gave the Sangham continued support and inspiration. The motto of the Sevika Sangham is ‘Service and Evangelism in the life and mission of the Mar Thoma Church’. Every women of the Mar Thoma Church above the age of 18 years is a member of the Sevika Sangham. The Sevika Sangham provides a platform for the women to get involved in the life and mission of the church.

The Mar Thoma Church of Dallas is blessed with a very active and dedicated Sevika Sangham .At this time we remember and thank all the sevika sangham members for their leadership and guidance since the beginning of the singham in our unit. To strengthen spiritual life within the group, the Sevika Sangham meets once in a month on last Saturday of the Month  at  5:30 PM for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Sevika Sangham Day is observed on 2nd Sunday of September every year. Women assist and actively participate in the worship service on that day. Sevika Sangham is also actively involved in other church activities like Harvest Festival, Annual Convention, Picnic and Christmas Service. Sevika Sangham is an integral part of our Church.

In addition to the voluntary works in the neighborhood ministries, we spend time to visit and help the sick and needy. We are also providing financial help for educational, marriage and medical aid. During the sevika sngha week, we organize a half day retreat in our church. Our sevika sangham is honoring the high school graduates by awarding them plaque. In 2017, we sent financial support to Jothis and Kaval. During this year, in connection with the centenary celebration, we helped Sadhu Sadhan in Venmony by organizing a fund raising by selling MTCD logo t- shirts.

Office Bearers For 2022

President Rev. Thomas Mathew P.
Vice President: Mrs. Susamma Babu
Secretary: Mrs. Molly Saji
Trustee: Mrs. Liffy Cherian
Executive Committee Representative: Mrs. Mary Abraham

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