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-Rev. Viju Varghese
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John 12 12-19Rev Mathew Samuel
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World Day of PrayerPreena Mathew Kochamma
Mar 6th, 2016-
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Feb 21th, 2016-
Feb 28th, 2016Malayalam
A mother's Great Faith
Mat 15: 21 - 28Rev. Sam Mathew
Feb 14th, 2016-
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-Rev. Sam Mathew
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-Rev. Sam Mathew
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-Dr Vinod Daniel
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-Dr Vinod Daniel
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-K. T. Thomas
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-Rev. Mathew Joseph
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-Rev. Sam Mathew
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Apr 19th, 2015English
Apr 12th, 2015Malayalam
Apr 5th, 2015English
-Rev. George Jacob
Apr 3rd, 2015Malayalam
-Rev. Sam Mathew
Apr 3rd, 2015English
-Raji Abraham
Apr 2nd, 2015Malayalam
-The Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma
Mar 30th, 2015English
-Shilpa Abraham
Feb 15th, 2015English
-Renji George
Feb 8th, 2015Malayalam
-Rev. Sam Mathew
Feb 1st, 2015English
-Rev. George Jacob
Jan 25th, 2015Malayalam
-Rev. Mathew Joseph
Jan 18th, 2015English
-Rev. Sam Mathew
Jan 11th, 2015Malayalam
-Rev. Sam Mathew
Dec 25th, 2014English
-Rev. Mathew Joseph
Dec 21st, 2014English
-Rev. George Jacob
Dec 14th, 2014Malayalam
-Rev. Sam Mathew
Dec 6th, 2014English
-Rev. George Jacob
Nov 23rd, 2014Malayalam
-Rev. Mathew Joseph
Nov 2nd, 2014English
-Sam Saji
Oct 12th, 2014Malayalam
-Saji George
Aug 31st, 2014Malayalam
-Rev. Sam Mathew
Aug 10th, 2014English
-Rev. Roy Thomas
July 27th, 2014Malayalam
Equipping people of GodRev. Mathew Joseph
July 13th, 2014Malayalam
-Rev. Mathew Joseph
July 6th, 2014English
-Rev. George Jacob
June 29th, 2014English
Kevin Gandy
June 22nd, 2014English
Worship & Faith
John 4:24Diocesan Bishop
June 15th, 2014English
Dr. Anita Jacob
June 8th, 2014Malayalam
Rev. Mathew Joseph
June 1st, 2014English
Parenting Responsibilities
Luke 2:44Rev. George Jacob
April 27th, 2014English
-Rev. Sam Mathew
May 18th, 2014English
May 25th, 2014English
May 4th, 2014Malayalam
Invitation to Christ's Hospitality
St.John.21:1-14Rev. George Jacob
April 20th, 2014English
Celebrating New life in Christ
Luke 24: 1-12Rev. Sam Mathew
April 11th, 2014-
-Renu Achen
April 6th, 2014English
The gift of Salvation
-Mr. Michael Bolton
Mar 30th, 2014English
The Redeeming Christ
Luke 13:10-17Rev. Sam Mathew
Mar 23th, 2014English
The Accepting Christ
Mathew 15: 21-28Rev. Sam Mathew
Mar 16th, 2014English
The Forgiving Christ
Mark 2:1-12Rev. Sam Mathew
Mar 9th, 2014Malayalam
The Cleansing Christ
Mar 2nd, 2014English
Pethrutha-Beginning of Great Lent
John 2:1-11Rev. Joe John
Feb 23th, 2014Malayalam
Fall as the Violation of the purpose of Creation
Romans 7: 14-25Rev. Mathew Joseph
Feb 16th, 2014English
Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman
Luke 7:36-50Mr. Mervin Abraham
Feb 9th, 2014Malayalam
Compassionate Love and Healing
St.Mark.7:31-37Mr. George Verghese
Jan 26th, 2014Malayalam
Christian Participation in Nation building
1Peter 2: 13-17Rev. Sam Mathew
Jan 19th, 2014Malayalam
Ecumenical Sunday
Jan 12th, 2014Malayalam
Body as the Temple of God
1 Corinthians 6:19Rev. Sam Mathew
Jan 5th, 2014English
The wise men visit the Messiah
Mat 2: 1-12Rev. Mathew Joseph
Dec 29th, 2013English
Blind Receives His Sight
Mark 10:46-52Rev.K.E. Geevarghese
Dec 24th, 2013-
Christmas Eve
-Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius
Dec 22th, 2013English
Reason for Christmas
John 1:1-14Mr. Mat Samuel
Dec 1th, 2013English
Visitation of Virgin Mary to Elizabeth
Luke 1:31-39Rev. George Jacob
Nov 10th, 2013Malayalam
Renewal of the Church
Ezek.37:15-24Rev. Mathew Joseph
Nov 3rd, 2013English
Sunday School Sunday
Luke 2:42-52Linsa Sam
Oct 20th, 2013English
Youth Sunday
Eccle.12:1-8Rev. Sam Mathew
Oct 13th, 2013Malayalam
Annual Convention
-Rev Alexander Varughese
Oct 6th, 2013English
Salvation The Gift of God
John 3:1-16Rev. Sam Mathew
Sep 29th, 2013Malayalam
Parish Mission
-Mr. Saji George
Sep 22nd, 2013Malayalam
Senior Citizen Sunday
-Dr K. V. John
Sep 1st, 2013English
Education Sunday
St.John.14:1-6Rev. George Jacob
Aug 25th, 2013Malayalam
Fruit of the Spirit
St.John.15:4-5Rev. Sam Mathew
Aug 11th, 2013Malayalam
I will be with you
Exodus 3:12Dr. Thomas
Aug 4th, 2013English
The Church that has to Introduce Jesus
John 12:20-26Rev. George Jacob
July 21th, 2013English
Kingdom of God - The Mystery
Matt 13:31-34Rev. Sam Mathew
July 14th, 2013Malayalam
Priests: Stewards of the Divine Ministry
1 Cor. 4:1-5Rev. Sam Mathew
July 7th, 2013English
Universality of the Gospel
St.Mark. 12:38-44Rev. George Jacob
June 30th, 2013Malayalam
Universality of the Gospel
June 23rd, 2013Malayalam
Apostolicity of the Holy Church
Exodus 3:1-15Rev. Sam Mathew
June 16th, 2013English
Father searching for the lost
Luke 19:10Rev. Sam Mathew
June 9th, 2013Malayalam
Choir Sunday
St.Mat. 6: 25-34Mr. Raji P Mathai
June 2nd, 2013English
God: the Source of Wisdom
Luke 2: 52Rev. George Jacob
May 26th, 2013Malayalam
Holy Trinity
St.John.1:12-18Rev. Mathew Joseph
May 19th, 2013English
The Feast of Pentecost
John 16:5-15Rev. Sam Mathew
May 12th, 2013Malayalam
Watch upon to receive power
John.14:25-31Rev. Sam Mathew
May 5th, 2013English
These my least ones
Matt 25:31-40Rev. George Jacob
April 28th, 2013Malayalam
Lord’s Commission for ever
St.John.21:15-17Rev. K. P Thomas
April 21th, 2013Malayalam
Good News to those who gone afar
St.John.21:1-14Rev. K. P Thomas
April 14th, 2013English
The Ways of God
St.Luke.24:13-32Mr. Renji George
April 7th, 2013English
Doubting Thomas
John 20: 24-27Rev. George Jacob
Mar 31th, 2013English
Our Perspective
St.Mat.28:1-10Mr. Jojy Koshy
Mar 28th, 2013Malayalam
Divine plan of Salvation
-Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos
Mar 24th, 2013Malayalam
The Lord hath need of them
Matt 21:3Rev. K. P Thomas
Mar 17th, 2013English
Jesus heals the blind man
Mark 10:51-52Mr. P.V. John
Mar 10th, 2013Malayalam
Agent of Redemption
Isa.6:1-8Rev. K. P Thomas
Mar 3rd, 2013English
Cyrus the anointed
Isa. 45:1-13Rev. P. M. Mathew
Feb 24th, 2013Malayalam
Healing through Forgiveness of Sin
Mark:2 1-12Rev. K. P Thomas
Feb 17th, 2013English
Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy
Mark 1:40-45Mr. Mervin Abraham
Feb 10th, 2013Malayalam
You will be my witnesses
Rom 12:1,John 2:1-2,11Rev. Mathew Joseph
Feb 3th, 2013English
Healing of Body Mind and Soul through Christ
Mark 7:31-37Rev. George Jacob
Jan 27th, 2013Malayalam
Cost of Discipleship
Luke 14:25-33Rev. K. P Thomas
Jan 13th, 2013Malayalam
Loosing of the Kingdom of God-Temperance Sunday
Mark 5:1-20Rev. K. P Thomas
Jan 6th, 2013English
Danha (Epiphany): Baptism of our Lord
Dec 30th, 2012English
I am the way, the truth, and the life
John 14:1-7Mr. Jorge Wilson
Dec 25th, 2012Malayalam
-Rev. Mathew Joseph
Dec 23th, 2012Malayalam
The Word was God
John 1:1-2Rev. K. P Thomas
Dec 16th, 2012English
The Advent
-Mrs. Libby Philip
Dec 9th, 2012Malayalam
-Mr. John Thomas
Dec 2nd, 2012English
Luke 1:38-56
Christ in messRev. George Jacob
Nov 25th, 2012Malayalam
Luke 1:5-24
Dedication to God’s WillRev C.J. Thomas
Nov 18th, 2012English
2 Th 2:13-17
Give thanks alwayMr. Bobby George
Nov 11th, 2012Malayalam
Life giving faith
-Mr. Saju Korah
Oct 28th, 2012Malayalam
-Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius
Oct 19th, 2012Malayalam
Convention - Day 1
-Dr. George Varghese
Oct 14th, 2012Malayalam
Matt 15:28Mr Reji Mathai
Oct 7th, 2012English
The Potential of believers
John 1:35-42Rev. George Jacob
Sep 16th, 2012Malayalam
Past, present and future of God's children
Isaiah 51:1-3Rev. Mathew Joseph
Sep 23th, 2012Malayalam
My Father's business
Luke 2:41-52Rev. K. P Thomas
Sep 16th, 2012English
The beginning of wisdom
Prov 9:10Mr. George Thomas
Sep 9th, 2012Malayalam
Sevika Sangham Day
St. Luke 1:46-55Mrs. Chacko
Sep 2nd, 2012English
Building your house on the rock
St.Mat.7:24-27Rev. George Jacob
Aug 26th, 2012Malayalam
A chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an Holy nation
1 Peter2:9Rev. Dr. K. V. Simon
Aug 12th, 2012Malayalam
Christian presence in the Nation Building
St. John. 8:31-42Rev. K. P Thomas
Aug 5th, 2012Malayalam
Church called to Proclaim the Good News
St.Mat.28:16-20Rev. Mathew Joseph
July 29th, 2012English
In His Glorification, We are Glorified
John 12:20-26Rev. George Jacob
July 22th, 2012Malayalam
Gift of the Holy Spirit
Matt 3:8-12Rev. K. P Thomas
July 15th, 2012English
Do they know we are Christians?
1 John 3:1Mrs. Sindhu Varghese
July 8th, 2012Malayalam
Ordained Ministry - Imitation of Christ
John 10:1,2,4Rev. Mathew Joseph
July 1st, 2012English
St.Luke.6:27-38Mr. Chris Abraham
June 24th, 2012English
Mission is our Vision
Luke 10:9Mr. N.M. Mathew
June 17th, 2012English
Calling of Disciples
Matt 10:1-15-
Jun 10th, 2012Malayalam
Jesus: the source of everything
John 6:1-14Mr. Aju Mathew
Jun 3rd, 2012English
Holy Spirit the connecting link
John 1:32-36Rev. George Jacob
May 27th, 2012Malayalam
The Feast of Pentecost
John 16:5-16Rev. K. P Thomas
May 20th, 2012English
-Rev. K. P Thomas
May 13th, 2012Malayalam
-Rev Mathew Joseph
May 6th, 2012English
Signs of Living a life without God centered attitude
Luke 16:19-31Rev. George Jacob
April 29th, 2012English
For what is your life?
James 4:13-17Mr. Tony Panicker
April 22nd 2012Malayalam
Lord who reveals through the Word
St.Luke.24:13-35Rev. K. P Thomas
April 15th, 2012English
The Faith that we have to Confess
Jude 1: 17 - 22Rev Mathew Joseph
April 13th, 2012Malayalam
The Hope of Resurrection
2 Kings.4:8-37Rev. Mathew Joseph
April 8 th, 2012Malayalam
Resurrection: Festival of Hope
St.Matt. 28:1-10Rev. K.P. Thomas
April 5 th, 2012Malayalam
Maundy Thursday
Rev Mathew Joseph
April 1st, 2012English
Hosanna Sunday
St.Mark. 11:1-11Rev. Jaisen Thomas
Mar 25 th, 2012English
Messiah: Fulfillment of the promise
St.Mark. 10:51-22Rev. K.P. Thomas
Mar 11th, 2012Malayalam
The zeal of Faith
St.Mat 15:21-28Rev. K.P. Thomas
Mar 4th, 2012English
Jesus who absolves our Sin
St.Mark. 2:1-12Rev. Varghese Mathew
Feb 26th, 2012Malayalam
The Compassion of our Lord
St.Luke. 5:12-16Rev. K. P Thomas
Feb 19th, 2012English
God's Provision
John 2: 7-8Rev. Roy Thomas
Feb 19th, 2012English
Pethurtha: Beginning of Lent
John 2:5Mr. M. Abraham
Feb 12th, 2012Malayalam
Arise Let us go forward
Mark. 14:32-42Mr. Joseph Chandy
Feb 5th, 2012English
Healing to the Nation and people
Mark. 5:25-34Rev Jaisen Thomas
Jan 29th, 2012English
Repent - Return
Joel 2:12-17Rev Mathew Joseph
Jan 22th, 2012Malayalam
Grow in Unity
2Pet. 1:1-11Mr. George Verghese
Jan 15th, 2012English
God of Peace
Micah. 4:1-7Mr. Biji Thomas
Jan 08th, 2012Malayalam
--Rev. K. P Thomas
Dec 4th, 2011English
Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
St. Luke. 1:39-45Rev Jaison Thomas
Nov 27th, 2011Malayalam
Surrendering to the Will of God
St.Luke.1:26-38Rev. K. P Thomas
Nov 20th, 2011English
Annunciation to Zechariah
St. Luke. 1:8-23Diocesan Bishop
Nov 13th, 2011Malayalam
Unity Through Worship
St.John.17:17-24Rev Mathew Joseph
Nov 6th, 2011English
World Sunday School Day
John 6:1-14Rev Jaison Thomas
Oct 30th, 2011Malayalam
Sanctification of the Church
St.Luke.19:45-48Rev. K. P Thomas
Oct 23rd, 2011Malayalam
Reformation in the Family
Eph.3:14-15Rev. Mathew Joseph
Oct 16th, 2011English
Youth Sunday
Mark 10:17-22Mr. Mervin Abraham
Oct 9th, 2011Malayalam
Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelists’ Association
2 Cor 3:6Mr. Saji George
Oct 2nd, 2011English
Christian witness in a Secular World
Mark 16:15Rev. Dr. P. J. Philip
Sep 25th, 2011Malayalam
Baptism: Incorporation into the Body of Christ
John 3:1-8Rev. K. P Thomas
Sep 18th, 2011English
Care the Aged-Senior Citizens Day
St.Luke 2: 25-38Rev. K. P Thomas
Sep 11th, 2011Malayalam
Sevika Sangham Day
Proverbs 31:10Mrs. Anne Verghese
Sep 4th, 2011English
Education-for Self Formation
St.Mark 1:21-28Rev. K. P Thomas
Aug 28th, 2011English
St. Matt 6:14-15Rev
Aug 21th, 2011Malayalam
Annual Convention 2011
1 Corinthians 1:18Evangelist T.M. Koshy
Aug 7th, 2011English
Blessed is the man
Psalm 1:1-2Rev. Mathew Joseph
July 31st, 2011English
Life of Discipleship
St Mat 10:1-10Rev. Dennis Abraham
July 24th, 2011Malayalam
Listening to God
Exodus 3:12Dr. Sabu. Thomas
July 17th, 2011English
People of God: Royal Priesthood
St.John.13:12-20Rev. K. P Thomas
July 10th, 2011Malayalam
Priest: Minister of the Word
St.John. 20:24-29Rev. K. P. Thomas
June 3rd, 2011English
My Lord and My God
John 20:27-28Rev. Mathew Joseph
June 26th, 2011Malayalam
St.Luke.14:25-33Rev. Mathew Joseph
June 19th, 2011English
Trinity Sunday
Matt 3:13-17Rev. Shibi Abraham
June 12th, 2011Malayalam
Pentecost:Holy Spirit who renews the whole Creation
John.16:7-15Rev. K.P. Thomas
May 22nd, 2011English
With Psalms and Hymns
Luke 1:46-55Charles Abraham
May 15th, 2011Malayalam
Jesus who walks with us during Crisis
Josh.1:1-9Rev. Mathew Joseph
May8th, 2011Malayalam
Live in the Risen Lord
John.21:10-14Rev. K.P. Thomas
May 1st, 2011English
Christ’s appearance to Apostle Thomas
St.John 20:25Rev Jaison Thomas
May 1st, 2011English
Personal Testimony
Thang Lian
April 24nd, 2011English
Resurrection : Celebration of Life (Easter Sunday)
St.Mat 28:1-10Rev. K.P. Thomas
April 22nd, 2011English
Passion Week - Friday
Second SermonMatt Samuel
April 22nd, 2011Malayalam
Passion Week - Friday
Fist SermonRev. K.P. Thomas
April 21th, 2011Malayalam
Passion Week - Thursday
Saji George
April 20th, 2011English
Passion Week - Wednesday
Mini Abraham
April 19th, 2011Malayalam
Passion Week - Tuesday
Rev. Mathew Joseph
April 18th, 2011Malayalam
Passion Week - Monday
Rev. K.P. Thomas
April 17, 2011Malayalam
Hosanna-Palm Sunday
Matthew 21:4&10Rev. Mathew Joseph
April 10th, 2011Malayalam
Faith Proclamation which transcends barriers
St.Mark.10:46-52Rev. K.P. Thomas
Apr 3rd, 2011English
Jesus who values the Human Person
St.Luke.13:10-17Rev Jaison Thomas
Mar 27th, 2011Malayalam
Lord who listen to the Cry
St.Mat.15:21-28Rev. K.P. Thomas
Mar 20, 2011English
Illumination of Faith
Mark 2:1-12Meevel John
Mar 13, 2011Malayalam
Cleansing Lord
Heb.10:5-7Rev. Mathew Joseph
Mar 6th, 2011English
Lent:Transformation and renewal
John 2:1-20Rev. Minoy Kurvilla
Feb 27th, 2011Malayalam
God's redeeming love
John 3:18Rev. K.P. Thomas
Feb 20, 2011English
God's concern about people
Matthew 9:9-13Manoj Abraham
Feb 13, 2011Malayalam
Love for Enemies
Matthew 5:43-48Rev. Mathew Joseph
Feb 6th, 2011Malayalam
Jesus the Healer
Mark 7:32Rev. K.P. Thomas
Feb 6th, 2011English
Jesus the Healer
Mark 7:31-37Rev Jaison Thomas
Jan 30, 2011Malayalam
The Creation which ‘God has seen Good’
Luke Luke. 12:28Rev. K.P. Thomas
Jan 23, 2011English-Malayalam
Ecumenism Sunday
Revelation 7:10-12Rev. Mathew Joseph
Jan 16, 2011English-Malayalam
Faith that transcends prosperity Gospel
Mark 10:17-22Rev Jaison Thomas
Jan 9, 2011English
Temperance Day - “Experience of New Life”
St. John. 15:1-8Rev. Vinoy Daniel
Jan 2, 2011Malayalam
Gospel for All
Mathew 16 13:18Rev. K.P. Thomas
Dec 12, 2010English
Birth of John the Baptist - Hope for the World
St Luke 1:59-60Rt. Rev. Gee Varghese Mar Theodosius
Nov 21, 2010Malayalam
Annunciation to Zechariah
St Luke 1:13Rev. K.P. Thomas
Nov 07, 2010Malayalam
One Shepherd One Flock
St John 17:20-26Rev. K.P. Thomas
Oct 17, 2010Malayalam
Youthood - Divine Gift
Genesis 31:21Mr. Saji George
Oct 10, 2010English
On Praying to God
Mathew 6:5-15Rev K. P. Thomas
Oct 3, 2010Malayalam
Ministry of the Laity
Acts 8:4-8Mr. P. T. Chacko
Oct 3, 2010English
Ministry of the Laity
Luke 10:1-16Rev Jaison Thomas
Sept 26, 2010English
Imitating Christ - Call for Perfection
Mathew 5:43-48Mr. Chris Abraham
Sept 19, 2010Malayalam
Women - Called to witness and to Serve
Acts 16:11-15Ms Biji Thomas
Sept 05, 2010Mallayalam
Jesus The Great Teacher - Education Day
Mathew 7:24Rev. K. P. Thomas
August 29, 2010English
Holy Communion - Banquet of The Kingdom Of God
John 6:35Mr. Raji Abraham
August 22, 2010English
Can You Hear Me Now
Romans 10:17,18Rev. Mathew Joseph
August 15, 2010Malayalam
The Truth Will Set You Free
John 8:31,38Rev. K. P. Thomas
August 8, 2010Malayalam
Bear Witness to the Glory of the Lord
Isaiah 6:1,6Rev. Mathew Joseph
July 25, 2010English
Justification Through Faith
Romans 5:1-2Rev K. P. Thomas
July 11, 2010Malayalam
Call to Priestly Ministry
John 21:15-19Rev K. P. Thomas
June 27, 2010Malayalam
Love One Another
John 13:33-34Rev K. P. Thomas
June 20, 2010English
The Great Commission
Mathew 28:19-20Ms. Aswathi Mathew
June 13, 2010English
Choir Sunday
Luke 1:46-55Rev K. P. Thomas
May 30, 2010English
Holy Trinity
Genesis 18:1-2Rev Mathew Joseph

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