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Rev. Viju Varghese completed degree from Bishop Moore college Mavelikkara, BD from Serampoore College, Kolkatta and also has post graduation in Media (broad casting and film direction). His mother parish is Mavelikkara Marthoma church. He is blessed with wife Sherin, Son Dennis and daughter Daryl. His previous parishes were St. John's MTC Mumbai, Udaipur Immanual MTC Rajasthan, Venmony Sehion MTC, Perumpetty Jerusalem MTC, Chetpet MTC Chennai.


From the Vicar's Desk From the Vicar's Desk

“And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah-Jireh: as it is said to this day, in the mount of the Lord it shall be provided”

(Genesis: 22:14).

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

A professing Christian after hearing a sermon said to the preacher, “I had been listening to your preaching for many years but had not been concentrating on it; since I committed my life to Jesus; I now hear what you are saying”. People read the bible and fail to see Jesus. They go to church and do not come face to face with him. Very proudly we can say that Our Valiya Metropolitan, Mar Chrysostom received ‘Padma Bhushan’ last week, he once said to everyone, “do not read Bible, but learn Bible”. Yes by studying Bible we can see Jesus in almost every page.

These months we are learning about Genesis, In journeying through Genesis, we see Jesus in many experiences. Genesis does not speak of Jesus’ birth but it does demonstrate his existence. In chapter 22 and in 24, we can see ‘a sacrificing Savior’ and ‘a seeking savior’. Every moment you should think about the grace that saved you from punishment and judgment. Allow the grace of God to rule you by total submission to Jesus Christ.

Dear believer of Christ, be happy and rejoice, and be vigilant to know the things that make you fall back. Spend more time in prayer and learning God’s word.

In this second month of the year, from February 11th, great lent is starting, 123rd Maramon Convention begins from that Sunday. Our Diocesan family conference is from July 5-8, on first Sunday, we will have some guest to give information about this. This year we are planning to conduct Holy Communion service on 40th Friday (23rd March) morning for elders and sick.

Lord is the provider of every good gift, let’s thank and expect a great year of blessing beyond any comparison, may God’s grace be with you all,

Yours in His Service, with prayers,