About the Organization
Mission StatementOur Youth Fellowship focuses on intentionality, servitude, faith, and obedience in all that we do for the expansion of His Kingdom. 

The Mar Thoma Church of Dallas Carrollton is humbled to have a growing Youth Fellowship whose ministry focuses on serving our community. As members, we aim to continuously nurture our relationships with Christ while being accountable for one another’s spiritual walks. We follow the Mar Thoma motto, “Lighted to Lighten,” by striving to align the ways we talk, act, and think with the teachings of Jesus and equip our youth as well as the people we interact with in the local community to reflect Christ’s love and expand His Kingdom.

Our Youth Fellowship is comprised of over one hundred and fifty members, yet we consider ourselves a very close-knit family. Our group often meets for various events including, retreats away from home, sports practices/tournaments, Bible studies, Small Groups, and so much more. In addition, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to find new ways to worship as a distanced community through our Worship From Home (WFH) series featured on our YouTube page that is similar to a regular church contemporary service. Furthermore, we have encouraged the outreach aspect of our faith by participating in charity events year-round, one of which was the Borderless Charity that took place last year to help provide for the hostel children of the Karnataka Navjeevana Samithi and the Indian Sponsorship Project and was a huge success.

The Youth Fellowship is blessed to have an executive team that is always willing to take on new ideas and opportunities to better connect to our church. For instance, one of the major developments that a multitude of the congregation has come to enjoy is contemporary service—every Malayalam service, we try to incorporate a special worship order in which there is a sermon on a modern and relatable topic catered to youths combined with a unique Liturgy and a dedicated praise and worship set. Through such projects and developments, the Youth Fellowship is an organization that is continuously growing and serving as a crucial part of The Mar Thoma Church of Dallas Carrollton.

If you’re wondering what main ideas the Youth Fellowship focuses on, here’s a quick look into what we’re all about:

Intentionality: As the next generation, we want to ensure that we are continuously growing our church with purpose. Everything that we do strives to be for God's glory alone.

Servitude: Being the disciples of Jesus, we are called to serve one another. Servitude starts within our church and extends to the surrounding community. By looking out for others through discussions and events, we work to embody the true nature of discipleship as followers of Christ.

Faith: As Christians, we long to make sure that we are frequently fed spiritually through the Bible. By accepting Jesus and having faith in Him, we are able to build a stronger relationship with our Father while eagerly learning His Word to cultivate that faith and apply it in our daily lives.

Obedience: As youth, it is our responsibility to obey. Obedience to God’s commandments leads to blessings from God and shows our love for Him, and it also enables us to function as a valuable organization of the church.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

2022 Youth Fellowship Executives

President: Rev. Thomas Mathew P.
Vice President: Mr. Levin Sam
Secretary: Ms. Priya Alexander
Joint Secretary: Ms. Leah Thomas
Treasurer: Mr. Aaron Mathew
Accountant: Ms. Shilpa Abraham
Special Events Coordinators: Ms. Linsa Sam, Ms. Tinsy John, Ms. Riya Raji
Youth Fellowship Representative: Mr. Jobby Varghese
Regional Representative: Mr. Nebin Luke
Mission Representatives Mr. Jason Abraham & Ms. Keziah Shaji
Youth Advisors Mr. Eapen Varghese & Mrs. Sindhu Varghese, Mr. Santhosh Chacko & Dr. Cini Abraham, Dr. Benjamin Abraham & Dr. Peal Abraham
Auditors Mr. Jebin Luke and Mr. Joshua Mathew
Historians Mr. Mathew Varghese & Mr. Mathew Chacko
Social Media Manager Ms. Geena Ginu & Mr. Jacob Chacko


Please register for our Youth fellowship by following THIS link, and please pay your $15 dues to Mr. Abraham  Mathew or Mr. Merwin Kurien. You can also venmo the dues to @MTCD-YF.

Connect with Us

Remind 101: Text @cmcyf to 810-10
GroupMe: Contact Special Events Coordinators
Venmo: MTCD-YF